HP Envy 17 Review

HP Envy 17 Review
Desktop PCs are becoming obsolete now a days, everyone is looking for a best gaming and general use laptop within in cheaper and best affordable price. For this, HP has come to front beating all others best brands in market with its all the time best laptop HP Envy 17 inch. The laptop is equipped with powerful core i7 processor and 4k Nvidia graphic panel. The machine is enough t=for handling all your computing, deigning, edition and other needs.So keep reading the Best HP Laptops Cheap To Expensive.

HP Envy 17 Review

HP Envy of 17 inches size is made with aluminium chassis in an elegant way meeting the pattern similar for the popular Apple laptops. Now year by year the design has been updated with minimal changes. After 2017 the Envy has become lighter, slimmer and heavy in performance. Silver and stylish finish made it look great with handsome look in the user hands.The laptop is not build small or larger that gives bulky look.

It is made in standard 17 inch display size with construction dimensions of 16.4 x 11.1 x 0.92 with the total weight of 6.6 lbs (pounds). These measurements are slightly different than Dell, and others best gaming cum business laptops. Some other less expensive laptops are 6 pounds or lesser only due to their plastic body. You can also check top 14 cheap gaming laptop under $200 here.The hinges are perfect to provide different angular display. The interior is also made fine in quality that provides proper airflow to keep this best gaming laptop cool.

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Ports and Speakers:

Side of handsome unit of laptop is equipped with multiple connection ports such as HDMI port, USB port, Ethernet RJ45, micro SD card reader slot, charging adopter port, audio jack and USB C type port. The data transfer rate is high and communication setup it strong with all compatible drives.

The long speakers grill is outstanding and loud enough for longer durability and listening music. The triangle shaped speakers are placed over the keyboard. The sounds also comes with many pre-sets. The speakers shows the excellent combination of bass with loudness.

Display and Brightness:

The NVIDIA graphic adopter in Envy boasts the lovely 17.3 inches 4K display. The display quality is as good it a mirror. Allow you clean and clear crystal graphics that did not fail in fast action moving pictures. Watching media will give you an extreme quality experience like a micro home theatre experience.

The display panel produces 209 percent RGB conversion which is impressive. While watching animated movies this clearly spot out the dark and bright areas on the screen with capacity to produce 246 nits of brightness.

Keyboard and Touching Pad:

The typing keys for HP Envy are of standard size that required 76 grams of force press. The keys are perfectly distance to quickly use under 10 fingers. You can easily maintain the typing speed over 80 words per minute with this great value laptop. Silver on silver keyboard is super combination that gives professional look.

The 4.7 x 2.3 inch touch area is enough for batter navigation with system features. The touchpad is not only too much responsive butt it also understands that specific gestures such as three finger operation, swap mod and two finger scroll up and down.

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The HP Envy 17 comes with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB solid state hard drive as a support for operating system and addition hard drive of 1TB size for massive stage of media, data files and others. The whole system is reinforced by a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processors. Which is nice and ideal for multitasking. That overall performance is more than expected that it prevent system from going to halt state. It takes only 29 seconds to duplicate data of amount 4.97 GB.

Battery Life and Warranty:

The battery backup of HP Envy is average it only last 5 and half hours. This time is more than other laptops of the same category. Fast charging can be achieved using HP recommended charging adopters.

The HP is considers as the most trusted brand of laptops that’s is why it does not only manufacture the best laptop for gaming but also provide the support for a specific period of time. This help to build more worthy trust on the company name. HP Envy comers with one year of limited warranty.

  • Overall perfect performance and high speed processing
  • 4K display clean and crispy
  • Regular screen without touch


After above review and product buying guide this is clear that HP Envy 17 is fine quality laptop that will not disappoint you ever in performance. The price for this unit is affordable and cheaper than many others. Made your selection now and give value to yourself.

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