Newest HP Lightweight Stream Pro 11.6

Newest HP Lightweight Stream Pro 11.6A great steam line, light weight professional level laptop machine in affordable price is difficult to choose. For this HD has made your work easy by introducing latest technology HP Steam pro best for working and playing games. The laptop is famous due to its reliable working and longer durability. These low cost laptop & tablets sold as Chromebook style devices best known for the cheap price.

Newest HP Lightweight Stream Pro 11.6

The main reason you should choose this HP pro laptop over many other branded laptops is, you can install many software application such as Photoshop, Illustrator, iTunes, Microsoft office and other utility software. The solid hard construction gives longer durability.So keep reading the Best HP Laptops Cheap To Expensive.

Design and Construction:

HP best gaming laptop is finished with modern features. The finger print resistant surface and stiff body provides enough security and peace of mind during travel. The HP stream pro 15 inch looks nice and considered as ideal for the category of best gaming laptop under 300. 1.3 kg weight around 2.8 lbs with dimensions of 11.8 x 8.1 x 0.7 inches.You can also check top 14 cheap gaming laptop under $200 here.


This low power consumer laptop is efficient in performance. There is no fan through which it is optimistic laptop with respect to low weight, heat and battery life. The large full size keyboard looks like it has been taken from a more expensive laptop machine. Best for typing with ten fingers and minimum shaking of key under your fingers.

Display and Brightness:

Smart 11.6 inches display with the native resolution of 1366 x 768 is worth giving. This allows the clear washed display for your gaming graphics and animated movies. Colour combination produced by HP Stream Pro 11.6 are not top of the line but are enough good that can you have paying the lowest ever price. It can produce 63.1 percent of RGB combinations and capable of 188 nits brightness production.


Button-less much responsive surface of 3.6 x 2.1 inches gives a pleasure experience. Your fingers and wrist will really enjoy the navigation through it as it does not need to put much force on the touch pad.


Supported by 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor and 4 GB of virtual memory this laptop is best of its value. 32 GB eMMC flash storage made this capable of easily computing regular tasks. Here some time it get slow on performance when there is a lot of multitasking. The laptop is fast enough to copy 4.97 GB data including media and other files in just single minute.

The integrated Intel HD graphics 400 GPU help in display of quality image and motion pictures. It means you can play Candy crush and other heavy duty games on this best rated gaming laptop without any hassle.

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Battery Life:

The unit of laptop with many great features is not much dominant here at this section. The battery for this laptop is not more than 8 hours which is slightly less than other competitors in the market. Eight hours of battery backup is enough to somehow if you have to use this laptop for work only.

  • Attractive and handsome design
  • Loud quality audio
  • Compact enactment and effective handling of processesCompact enactment and effective handling of processes
  • Sometime get hot as there is no cooling fan


After all information mention above. I will sum up this review and buyer guide with the bottom line statement that HP Stream Pro 11.6 is best for those who are with low budget and look for a super computer having ability to perform excellent without disappointing in performance.

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